Cambodian student association of Sydney


CSAS was Cambodia Students Association in University of New South Wales, and it was initially founded by a group of close knit UNSW students in late 2007 who value their friendships greatly and would like to take this rare opportunity to create a platform and forum in allowing others Khmer students in their school to find and reach out to one another.

 In early 2008, this group of students decided to expand their association and make it official and thus changing its name to CSAS (Cambodian Students Association, Sydney).  After many meetings and a few successful events later, CSAS had become one of the well-known Khmer youth group among the Khmers in Sydney.

 We continue to plan and work together, bringing and welcoming more Khmer into our expanding network, hoping to assist them in adjusting their new lives in this foreign land.



This association seeks to be a platform for all Cambodian students to network and build friendship. We will be involved in helping new students adapt and get comfortable with their new environment. We will help empower existing member and seasoned student to fulfill their potential as a student and give them the courage to attempt their dream. Ultimately we will give them a sense of belonging, the confidence and strength to live out a fulfilling live as a student here.

Summarizing our main objectives

1.To facilitate the integration of new members into the local community of Cambodians.

2. To provide a network of help and support through mutual activities and events.

 3. To represent Cambodian students studying in the universities in Sydney.

4.To promote Cambodian ethnic and culture.

5.Make a difference in the Cambodian community here and back home


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