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Our team here are serious about delivering CSAS objective.We believe as a Cambodian,having the  priviledge to lead this way life and the opportunity to study abroad makes us responsible for the future of Cambodia.




Hello everyone,my name is Lyly.I feel very privileged to be leading the CSAS team of 2010, hopefully to many wonderful places.
I'm currently a student at COFA and i hope to become a good designer in the future. I love art, soccer, good books, good films and good musics.

 President 2010


Lida is my name.I am the most awesome treasurer to date, in my most humble opinion. I am incredibly fortunate to have witnessed how CSAS formed and evolved over the years, its a spectacle made possible by a team of really incredible people. I will continue to bring my inexhuastible energy and commitment to the team!Lastly, I do hope to bring world peace. oh yes~



 Hi, my name is lyna. My duties in the CSAS committee are mainly designing: ticket and posters designs, display etc.  I enjoyed being part of the team and felt really proud for how far this association had grown from the day it was founded. I love watching blockbuster, read crime novels, have curly hair, eat ice cream and wear big earrings. And i hate sports, which includes soccer. Period.



 Hello my name is Vibunrith Long,people call me Rith.I play various roles in CSAS but most importantly now I am CSAS brand image and public perpection manager.I basically do anything that will ensure CSAS looks cool and awesome like Apple company and 2ne1.haha.It all exciting work since I can get creative,I am planning a marketing campaign and a few video advert for CSAS but still needs a couple more actors and actresses.Contact me if you wanna famous.



Hi! My name is James or Yin Khun Huot in Khmer. Although I am new to CSAS, I feel a great sense of belonging in CSAS. Really, I think CSAS is a great place where every Cambodian student can always relate to.

Hi I am Lisa.I love meeting new people and spending time with others!! :)





My name is Makara Prak,I am a student at UNSW,doing commerce at the moment.About myself,I can sometime be funny and talkative. :)




I am vissoth,I love being in Sydney,the weather and beaches here are lovely.I enjoy being part of team because we have big plans, and the process to achieving it is hard but always exciting.






My name is POKEAT. I'm new in UNsw and CSAS as well. but It's nice to be a member of CSAS ;) cheers





 Hi, It's Sophie and it's so nice to be a member of CSAS team. I love cakes, necklaces, novels, sports, movies, quotes and colours. OH, and smiley face. ;]]





Hi my name is Lything, or Ting for short. I'm currently in my 2nd year of Interior Architecture in UNSW. I hope to play a part in helping CSAS expand and eventually reach out for the Cambodian Community back at home... And of course, have lots of fun with the rest of the team and members along the way! I aspire to be an awesome interior architect in years to come, so I can knock down ugly interiors of buildings and build pretty ones for the next generation. :)




Hey everyone. I'm Sorida, third year student in UNSW, major in Accounting and Finance. 
Jump on board and join the fun with CSAS!






Hi, my name is Somnang or Tim. I had been with the team since the founding days and is honoured to be able to continue to contribute to the growth of the association. And as part of CSAS 2010 team, my role is to bring the fun into and for the group. My duty includes organising team bonding get-together and proposing future events for CSAS. I am interested in the studies of the universe, soccer and music (mainly paino).




Hi everyone, my name is Sothearath.

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