Cambodian student association of Sydney

Organisation Structure



The department is formed to deliver one of CSAS core objective which is to bring fun and happiness into the life of our members. Seeking and having fun allows member to build confidence, build relationships, release stress and importantly improve on their emotional and social intelligence. Fun is an important aspect of the CSAS lifestyle because it allows members to familiarize themselves with the lifestyle of Sydney students, build friendship and attachment to CSAS.



Sport department believe a healthy body makes a healthy mind.The department is responsible in keeping member physically fit, cultivate competitive spirit and build teamwork skills. It is in charge of organizing weekly sport event like Saturday soccer and occasional tournament between members.


Success and Campassion

The department is formed to deliver and improve productivity of members academic and career life. More importantly to help stimulate the intellectual curiosity, to satisfy it and keep members motivated to strive for greater achievement. It is the role of the department to transmit and inculcate a high performance culture in all of the members.

Also the department is responsible in delivering community service, allowing those who want to contribute to the society to be able to do so. It is also to increase awareness among members about the power of love and spiritual empowerment that comes from contributing to the community and country.



The spine of the Organization, this is the place where any other activities that will advance the interest of CSAS take place. The all important creative director, treasurer, public relation manager etc will all be based in this glossy department

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